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Regional Cancer Center

A department of Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

Survivor Strength & Wellness

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Survivor Strength & Wellness (SSW) is a program designed to support Sarah Bush Lincoln patients throughout their cancer survivorship process by helping them learn to cope mentally with the challenges that come with survivorship (mind), set and achieve goals for physical wellness (body), and explore new avenues for stress reduction in order to find joy and reduce anxiety (soul).

All elements of the program are provided at no cost to the patient and paid for by generous donations from community members.

Program components


SSW Planner
The comprehensive planner empowers patients to take charge of their own healthcare through calendars, appointment and medication notes and insurance coverage records. It also opens the lines of communication between patients and their medical team.

Other components of the SSW program are designed to keep your mind strong and healthy. The SBL Cancer Education Series meets monthly and gives attendees the opportunity to hear from experts in all areas of cancer care and mind, body and soul wellness.

People who desire more one-on-one counseling can be referred to the SBL counseling program.


Center for Healthy Living partnership
The SSW Program at the Center for Healthy Living provides each patient with a four-month exercise rehab program to help them set and achieve new health goals. Once recommended and cleared for the program by SBL Regional Cancer Center staff, patients will receive a one-on-one consultation with a trainer at the CFHL and a registered dietitian. Participants will receive 30-minute personal training sessions on the following schedule:
• Three sessions per week for two months
• Two sessions per week for one month
• One session per week for one month
The CFHL trainers have received specialized education in working with people post-cancer.

Group Classes
In order to maintain infection control, funds were used to purchase exercise equipment to be used solely in the SBL Regional Cancer Center. Group classes are offered at the Regional Cancer Center and are open to all people with physician approval.


Massage Therapy
Each patient at the SBL Regional Cancer Center receives a gift certificate for a massage. In addition, licensed massage therapists are available weekly in clinic to provide therapeutic massage during chemo treatments.

The SSW program also incorporates music therapy with local artists, art therapy opportunities and visits with licensed therapy dogs through the SBL Volunteer Services.